Drifting into Chaos cat3movie (1989) Review

✅ originally titled “Kageki honban: Midareru”, Drifting into Chaos cat3movie is an Japanese horror drama film written by Kuninori Yamazaki and directed by Sachi Hamano. Drifting into Chaos stars Kyôko Sawamura, Natsuki Yamamoto & Kan’ichi Hiraga in lead roles.

Drifting into Chaos cat3movie story

Drifting into Chaos is a horror movie that takes inspiration from the classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Quick Info

DirectorSachi Hamano
StoryKuninori Yamazaki
ScreenplayKuninori Yamazaki
Makeup DepartmentNaoki Ohara
Camera departmentKazuo Akiyama

Drifting into Chaos Release Date

Drifting into Chaos cat3movie was theatrically released in Japan on June 1989. It is announced that Shintoho Company has acquired the distribution rights of the film.

Drifting into Chaos IMDB Rating

On review aggregator IMDB, the film holds an approval rating of 5/10 based on 34 reviews and received mixed critical response.

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