Triple Raped cat3movie (1998) Review

Triple Raped cat3movie is an Hong Kong drama thriller film written and directed by Keung Siu. Triple Raped stars April Tung in lead role, alongside Chi Bo, Yiu-Wing Chin, Tat Wah Choi, Long-Ming Lee, Siu Mu-Chuen and Ching Wong in supporting roles.

Triple Raped cat3movie story

Triple Raped cat3movie tells the story of a 2 crazy Hong Konger guys, who were vying for the top post of “Park Chi Street” and were resorting to all kinds of ways including rape and kidnapping girls. They locked 3 girls in iron cage and after tearing off their clothing spraying them wet. The girls were subjected to all kinds of abuse.

Quick Info

DirectorKeung Siu
StoryKeung Siu
ScreenplayKeung Siu
Editing byN/A

Triple Raped Release Date

Triple Raped cat3movie was theatrically released in Hong Kong in 2004.

Triple Raped IMDB Rating

On review aggregator IMDB, the film holds an approval rating of 5.2/10 based on 13 reviews and received mixed critical response.

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